St. André Bessette

Visitation of the Major Reliquary

The reliquary of Saint Brother André consists of three principal elements: the relic itself made up of particles of Saint Brother André's heart and presented in a glass vial; the two faces of a medaillon by artist Sylvia Daoust featuring Brother André's profile on one side and Saint Joseph's Oratory on the other; lying atop pieces of stone from Mount Royal, all displayed on a piece of mahogany, the same wood that was used to decorate the basilica. The reliquary was created under the direction of André Bergeron, CSC

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Why do we venerate relics?


Read the London Free Press article about the visitation


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The worship of relics is a gesture of love for a person who has been recognized by the Church as a saint. It is a sign of devotion inspired by faith.

Read the London Free Press article about the visitation


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The Oratory July-August 2009

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 "A Visit with the Cantin family"
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St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal
Salt & Light TV - Brother André
Celebrating a Saint

1955 comic book of Br André's life

St. André's Life and
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