Euthanasia Prevention Information

In last Saturday's London Free Press, R. Michael Warren's column quoted U. of Ottawa's Daphne Gilbert in his argument that all faith-based hospitals should be forced to provide euthanasia or cease to receive public funds. Providentially, Fr. Leo Walsh CSB, had addressed the exact same writer & argument in his column of the Fall 2016 edition of Ethically Speaking (click to open)! A mature, broad-minded society should not have a problem recognizing that Catholic healthcare providers are, in fact, a religious response by the Catholic community and should therefore enjoy the right of opting out of those practices that are diametrically opposed to their Gospel-principled foundation; be sure to let your MPP, Minister of Health & Premier know! Fr. Matt


Further to my comments about the rights of health-care providers to legal protection as conscientious objectors to euthanasia, Toronto Doctor Ewan C. Goligher wrote the following in the National Post on April 14th, 2016. His point about the patient's wishes being part of respect for the patient as a whole, rather than the ultimate determining factor (Question #2) is particularly relevant in our hyper-individualized society. The entire article deserves your attention and reflection.
God bless! Fr. Matt

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